Trading history and historical performance

Trading History – Historical Performance

This page will cover my trading history and historical performance from August 2019 to present. It will be updated periodically but will only include closed positions.

Since August 2019 to 19th July 2020 my trading account has performed as follows:

  • Annualised return : -8.35%
  • Closed Trades : 47
  • Winning Percentage : 46.8%
  • Average Trade Duration (days) : 19
  • Average Risk/Reward Ratio (all trades) : 1.56
  • FTSE 100 Relative Performance : +9.03%
  • S&P 500 Relative Performance : -19.88%

The following table shows historical closed trades as of 19th July 2020, 23:50 (BST).

AssetType1st Entry DateDirectionExit DateReturn
Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish FundETF06 Aug 2019Short30 Aug 2019-0.28%
Resources ConnectionUS Stock07 Aug 2019Short03 Oct 2019+4.67%
Sarepta TherapeuticsUS Stock04 Oct 2019Long13 Nov 2019+9.66%
Ctrip.comUS Stock04 Oct 2019Long01 Nov 2019+4.73%
Aphria Inc (CA)US Stock04 Oct 2019Long10 Oct 2019-3.86%
Lattice SemiconductorUS Stock07 Oct 2019Long05 Nov 2019+5.65%
Activision BlizzardUS Stock07 Oct 2019Long07 Feb 2020+6.01%
PDL BiopharmaUS Stock08 Oct 2019Long23 Oct 2019+2.54%
Invesco DB AgricultureETF08 Oct 2019Short01 Nov 2019-1.09%
Carnival CorpUS Stock07 Jan 2020Short30 Jan 2020+4.45%
Dynavax Technologies CorpUS Stock08 Jan 2020Long29 Jan 2020-4.01%
Masco CorpUS Stock08 Jan 2020Short16 Jan 2020-0.89%
Federated Investors IncUS Stock09 Jan 2020Long31 Jan 2020+0.45%
QEP Resources IncUS Stock09 Jan 2020Short22 Jan 2020+1.17%
Transocean Ltd (All sessions)US Stock09 Jan 2020Short23 Jan 2020+2.48%
WPX Energy IncUS Stock09 Jan 2020Short27 Jan 2020+3.08%
Sunopta IncUS Stock09 Jan 2020Long25 Feb 2020-5.52%
Bunge LtdUS Stock09 Jan 2020Short27 Jan 2020+1.23%
Sohu.comUS Stock17 Jan 2020Short27 Jan 2020+1.01%
Heritage Commerce CorporationUS Stock17 Jan 2020Long27 Jan 2020-2.54%
RLJ Lodging TrustUS Stock17 Jan 2020Long27 Jan 2020-1.79%
Noble Energy IncUS Stock17 Jan 2020Long24 Jan 2020-2.68%
Rex American Resources CorpUS Stock24 Jan 2020Long04 Feb 2020+2.09%
CMS Energy CorpUS Stock29 Jan 2020Short31 Jan 2020-0.90%
Coca ColaUS Stock29 Jan 2020Short30 Jan 2020-0.74%
American Assets Trust IncUS Stock31 Jan 2020Short12 Feb 2020+2.52%
Valaris PLCUS Stock31 Jan 2020Long21 Feb 2020-3.52%
PDC Energy IncUS Stock31 Jan 2020Long25 Feb 2020-3.46%
WisdomTree Investments IncUS Stock31 Jan 2020Long05 Feb 2020+5.32%
CNX Resources CorporationUS Stock03 Feb 2020Long05 Feb 2020+2.07%
DR HortonUS Stock03 Feb 2020Short18 Feb 2020-3.37%
PulteGroup IncUS Stock03 Feb 2020Short27 Feb 2020+4.81%
Brunswick CorpUS Stock05 Feb 2020Short12 Feb 2020-4.00%
Cameco CorpUS Stock21 Feb 2020Short27 Feb 2020+0.83%
PDL BiopharmaUS Stock21 Feb 2020Short10 Mar 2020+3.51%
Steel Dynamics IncUS Stock21 Feb 2020Long27 Feb 2020-3.31%
IDEXX Laboratories IncUS Stock10 Jun 2020Short10 Jun 2020-2.56%
LKQ CorpUS Stock10 Jun 2020Short15 Jun 2020+1.42%
Sangamo Biosciences IncUS Stock08 Jun 2020Short19 Jun 2020+7.15%
Hain Celestial Group IncUS Stock08 Jun 2020Short22 Jun 2020-3.89% IncUS Stock29 Jun 2020Short01 Jul 2020-3.29%
Microsoft CorpUS Stock29 Jun 2020Short30 Jun 2020-3.39%
Adobe IncUS Stock29 Jun 2020Short02 Jul 2020-3.44%
Charter CommunicationsUS Stock08 Jun 2020Short15 Jul 2020-2.37%
Landstar Systems IncUS Stock08 Jun 2020Short16 Jul 2020-3.21%
ImmunomedicsUS Stock14 Jul 2020Short17 Jul 2020-2.57%
SPDR S&P Biotech ETFETF14 Jul 2020Short17 Jul 2020-2.84%
These are not recommendations to Buy or Sell.

I have not stated a few points in the above table, primarily monetary information, including position size. I am currently considering whether I want to provide this additional data to Trading AtoZ subscribers.