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Suggested Trading Books

The Trading AtoZ blog references lots of reading material. I have included a sample of trading books below for your perusal. These are some of the best technical analysis books I have found and I own them all. They come highly recommended.

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This book is thought of as the definitive and authoritative source for the technical analysis of futures markets.

  • Title : Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets
  • Author : John J. Murphy
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

Packed with great money management techniques that can be incorporated into your trading strategy. It would be rated 5/5 if it had more text but that is reflected in the price.

  • Title : Profit Strategies – Unlocking Trading Performance with Money Management
  • Author : David Stendahl
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 4.5 / 5

The original and best source for Japanese candlesticks. This will have pride of place on your bookshelf.

  • Title : Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
  • Author : Steve Nison
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

A worthy accompaniment to Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by the same author.

  • Title : Beyond Candlesticks
  • Author : Steve Nison
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

A classic must read for any aspiring trader. This book will alter the way you trade for good.

  • Title : Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
  • Author : Edwin Lefevre
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

Jack interviews some of the best known traders of his time with amazing insights into their philosophy and physchology.

  • Title : Market Wizards
  • Author : Jack Schwager
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

A well executed follow up to his original interviews. More or the same great insights into a new group of traders.

  • Title : The New Market Wizards
  • Author : Jack Schwager
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

We may think Elliot Wave theory has had its day but this well written books brings it to the modern day with new techniques and a fresh understanding.

  • Title : Elliot Wave Techniques Simplified
  • Author : Bennett McDowell
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

Options trading is one of the most complex of all trading types. This books is considered the bible of options trading and is a must for any options trader of any experience.

  • Title : Options as a Strategic Investment
  • Author : Lawrence G. McMillan
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 5 / 5

Lighter Reading

The above are all non-fiction but I have also included a few lighter reads.

Another great title from Michael Lewis all about high frequency trading.

  • Title : Flash Boys
  • Author : Michael Lewis
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 4 / 5

An easy read that is well worth the time to understand how Nick Leeson brought down Barings bank.

  • Title : Rogue Trader
  • Author : Nick Leeson
  • Trading AtoZ Rating : 4 / 5

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