Where did my trading journey take me next?

One of my previous posts entitled when did I start trading? described how I started my trading journey. Where did I go from there?

The early years involved journals and newsletters, trading and investment books, company reports and internet based research.

In the 90’s it was possible to subscribe to journals and newsletters that could be posted to you. They may still be available but I imagine most have moved online. I remember 2 of them, 1 was Penny Share related, the other listed shares that have just had a technical breakout. Trading software was not widely available, either online or offline, and definitely not at an affordable price. These newsletters provided glimpses into the World of technical analysis. Technical analysis will be the topic of many posts/pages on Trading AtoZ.

I quickly collated a wish list of books that I wanted to acquire. As a student though this was not easy. The price of my wish list ran into hundreds of £££s.

Fortunately, my last year of student life allowed me to perform research into an area that I loved and still do. The time I spent on that research project has stayed with me and been fundamental to my trading journey. My research project was entitled “Using Artificial Intelligence to predict the stock market”. The use of AI in trading has grown immensely since then and will definitely be the subject of many pages and posts on Trading AtoZ.

Company reports could be delivered free of charge which became a huge source of information and from those I learnt about balance sheets, cash flow, EPS, EBITDA to name a few. I had amassed quite a collection before I realised that technical analysis does not explicitly require you to know all the financial ins and outs of companies.

You may be wondering if my trading success had improved as a result of this newly acquired knowledge. The short answer is no, I still had many more lessons to learn. As all traders know, learning lessons is expensive.

That is why I have started the Trading AtoZ website and will continue posting new material. My other previous post entitled What to expect from Trading AtoZ?, listed some of the areas I want to cover. Many of these have now been addressed on the site and I hope you take a look. These include Asset Types, My Active Trades, Leverage and Trading History – Historical Performance.

Lessons learnt (but not immediately)

  • Newsletters and journals were nothing more than tip sheets, quite often written by people that have an active interest in the stock already.

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