Reading the trading news using an economic calendar

Economic Calendar

This real time Economic Calendar (provided by Tradays) is included for your convenience. Use this at the start of every day to plan for or mitigate against event risk. Many of these events have the ability to significantly move markets. Use this economic calendar to inform yourself of important news events and economic data reports that may affect your trading.

What does the economic calendar show?

The following example is a snapshot of the economic calendar showing 3 events. They are all GBP related events and therefore apply to the United Kingdom.

An example of the tradays economic calendar showing the 3 different levels of event significance.
An example of the economic calendar showing the 3 levels of event significance
  • Time
    • This is the time that the event occurred, or will occur. The time is shown according to the time zone you have specified in the top right corner of the economic calendar.
  • Currency
    • This is the currency associated with the event.
  • Significance
    • There are three levels of event significance:
      • Grey – Low impact
      • Amber – Medium impact
      • Red – High impact
  • Description
    • A description of the news event or economic data report
  • Actual
    • When an economic indicator event occurs the actual figure is shown. This updates in real time.
  • Forecast
    • This shows what the consensus forecast for an economic indicator is.
  • Previous
    • This shows the previous actual figure for the economic indicator.

High impact events have the ability to significantly move financial markets. This is especially true when an actual value is released that differs greatly from the forecast value.

What is included in the Tradays economic calendar?

This real-time economic calendar covers economic events and indicators from all over the world with:

  • 500+ indicators events from 42 countries
  • Automated refresh when data is released
  • Automatic language translation
  • Customisable local time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Historical charts